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[Firmware] BIOS Update Firmware File and Guide (ZED-7)
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File 1 J1900_Win10_BIOS_Update_guide.pdf (Size : 336.4K)
File 2 (Size : 7.8M)

Here is an Installation Guide about OKPOS J1900 / Windows 10  Model and Bios F/W UPDATE by size of the Monitor. 

 - Model : 1) Optimus, OK-K1(KIOSK)
              2) ZED5 / I-POS / K-POS / Z-POS (15 inch)
              3) ZED7 (17inch)
              4) W-POS (W-156), W-POS (W-185)

※ How to Install?
   1. Check the below table that indicated by Model then download the attachment File..
   2. Then please check the attachment file "J1900_Win10_BIOS_Update_guide.pdf"
     - Caution -
      Extract on C:\ path of the download file. 
      Avoid put any Korean Words on the path of the Bios Update folder. (For the smooth process of the BIOS Update.)



By Model
 CPU/OSMain BoardPOS ModelinchResolutionNeed download File
CPU: J1900

OS: Windows 10 
(OKMB-BAYO)Optimus 15 inch1024*768Optimus_15inch_1024x768_BIOS_FW
15 inch1024*768ZED5(IKZN)_15inch_1024x768_BIOS_FW
W-POS (W-156)15.6 inch1366*768W-156_15.6inch_1366x768_BIOS_FW
ZED7 / N-POS(17inch)17 inch1280*1024ZED7_N_17inch_1280x1024_BIOS_FW
W-POS (W-185)18.5 inch1366*768W-185_18.5inch_1366x768_BIOS_FW
OK-K121.5 inch1920*1080


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